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Helps with stress management

Studies have shown that exercise helps with anger and aggression management. By providing a high-energy workout and channelling your inner force into well calculated, intentional movements and strikes, Tae Kwon Do can effectively ease stress. All sessions at the dojang include professional instruction from experienced black belt Masters, a cardio workout which isolates core and larger muscle groups, rigorous practice of precise form and focused power, and belt-appropriate no-touch or fully padded contact sparring. Through focus, consentration and physical exertion, you will feel freer, more relaxed and receptive to your environment.

Helps to keep you in shape

Everyone knows that exercise helps to burn fat. Because Tae Kwon Do focuses on the larger muscle groups, burning of calories is more efficient and the body becomes leaner, stronger and healthier. By providing 60 minutes of cardio, stretching, punching and kicking, Chung’s dojang will help you realize fitness and weight loss goals. With Masters as well as Assistant Masters at each session, there are opportunities for everyone to work at their own pace and fitness/belt level. Adult classes are available 6 days a week at convenient times, making it possible to have a great workout every day of the business week and Saturdays. When attended regularly, you have the potential to become a leaner, more flexible and powerful self.

Teaches you self-defense

Don’t be a victim. Confidence is something which can be “read” through your posture, expression and overall demeanor. At Chung’s dojang, the knowledge and skill you acquire will translate into confidence and lower the chances of becoming a victim. Tae Kwon Do is a centuries old, lethal, combat technique which has become perfected over time. Literally translated, it means “the way of the fist and foot.” Through continued instruction, you will learn how to protect yourself in many different situations using the specific and exacting fist and foot approach of attack, survival, and dominance. With new found skills and confidence, you will become a more productive, forceful contributor to the world around you.

Builds self-esteem

With the motivation, encouragement and high expectations of the dojang Masters, you will realize the force and energy within. Through consistent instruction, practice and completed challenges which progressively increase in difficulty, you will see a positive improvement in mind set, form, fighting style, strength and fitness. With this determination and expertise, interpersonal relationships from the board room to the living room will benefit from your training.

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