Youth Classes
Helps with focus and concentration

Tae Kwon Do is a martial art based on focus and concentration. Each child will be trained to memorize specific and well-calculated kicks, punches, attack and defense moves, and forms. When perfecting skills or advancing in belt rank, it is of the utmost importance that the children are able to discern nuances which define specific moves. To do this, one must channel all awareness to absorb and implement the maneuvers. As they train their minds to filter out distractions, the children will automatically apply that aptitude to other areas of their life, such as school, homework, and sports. Through Tae Kwon Do training, your child can acquire skills which will impact the rest of his/her life.

Teaches children discipline and self-motivation

With discipline comes a certain amount of self-restraint. At the dojang, children are taught to respect their Master through a full understanding of self-control. There is no learning or teaching without obedience to the rules which define the craft. If the student follows the rules using restraint, everyone benefits. Self-motivation arrives when new skills are tested and the child is able to advance to the next achievement level. The perfection of form, positive reinforcement and enthusiastic instruction from experienced Masters, are key factors at Chung’s dojang, contributing to your child’s discipline and self-motivation.

Teaches your child self-defense

Let’s face it, it is a dangerous world for children these days, but through training with experienced black belt Masters and Assistant Masters, your child will not be a victim. Confidence is something which can be “read” through posture, expression, and overall demeanor. At Chung’s dojang, the knowledge and skill your child acquires will translate into confidence and lessen the chances of becoming a victim. Each student will learn how to protect themselves in different scenarios using the specific and exacting fist and foot approach of attack, survival, and dominance. Your child will no longer fear the world, but see it for all the wonderful opportunities it has to offer.

Builds self-esteem

With the training, motivation, encouragement and high expectations of the dojang Masters, each child will realize the force and energy within. Through consistent instruction, practice and completed challenges which progressively increase in difficulty, each student will see a positive improvement in their mind set, forms, fighting styles, strength and fitness. With this determination and expertise, interpersonal relationships from the class room to the living room will benefit from their training, making them more confident, self-assured individuals.

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