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Tim Van Mieghem

Tim started practicing Tae Kwon Do, Hapkido and Kendo when he was 9-years old. He and Master Chris started martial arts as a gym class for themselves when they started homeschooling. At 14, Tim broke his first brick and obtained his black belt. He continued practicing martial arts as a black belt for another 5 years until a knee injury forced him to stop. As time went by, Tim began practicing forms and techniques from home and when sparring with Master Chris. Now that the two brothers are running Chung’s Tae Kwon Do & Hapkido Academy, Tim has resumed his training and is continuing his journey to becoming a black belt master.

Tim Van Mieghem


These training programs are the best in the state. The coaches are great, patient and supportive. Great job!

Julia Armstrong

I enjoyed training with the coach greatly. Thank you for the amazing opportunity and awesome experience.

Nick Sullivan

My kids love your school. Professional and individual approach is key in this job. So, thank you a lot.

Sam Jones